students' ratings of instruction


The current conditions characterizing the educational market (the large number of educational institutions, globalisation, the emergence of new forms of education, the massification of higher education) turn the quality assurance of the services provided by the university into a significant factor in establishing its attractiveness and competitiveness. Through its undertakings in the past years, the Babes-Bolyai University proves to have understood the latest developments in this domain that characterize the European context. In the context of an entrepreneurial approach, "Babes-Bolyai" University has initiated a series of systematic actions concerning quality assurance with the ultimate goal of enhancing its attractiveness and competitiveness on the educational market. One of the aforementioned actions is the evaluation of courses provided by students.

The course evaluation provided by students was initiated during the 2001-2002 academic year at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering through a pilot project. Due to the positive feedback from both students and academics, the evaluation programme has continuously developed and starting with the 2004-2005 academic year it has been extended to all the 21 faculties of the University.

Strating with the 2009-2010 academic year the assessment is carried out online with the help of the application developed for the  schooling record AcademicInfo. The evaluation mode has been designed by the Department of Informatization in the project POSDRU/18 / 1.2/G/5593 “Quality assurance of academic studies programmes through human resource training and employment orientation”.


Access to evaluation results

Teachers can view their results by accessing the application AcademicInfo, with the account and password they receive for the Reasearch Management application.


Deans, prodeans and chancellors can inspect the individual results of teachers in their own faculty as well as a summary of the results achieved for college / semester / type of unit evaluated, through the AcademicInfo application by accessing the account and using the password received for the Research Management application.

The Rector, the Prorectors and the employees of the Centre for Quality Management can check the individual results of teachers in the entire university, as well as a summary of the results achieved for faculty /semester /type of unit evaluated, through the AcademicInfo application by accessing the account and using the password received for the Reasearch Management application.

The on-line evaluation procedure

The development of the assessment tools and of those managing the entire process is provided by the Centre for Quality Management. Since the 2009-2010 academic year altogether with the launching of the on-line application for course evaluation by students, the Informatization Centre of the Babes-Bolyai University has been providing the technical support for a smooth functioning of the evaluation process. Both students and teachers are informed in advance of the procedure and evaluation purposes. We lay emphasis on the formative aspect, that of a continuous improvement of courses. Another characteristic we wish to insist upon is the anonymity of responses. Deviations from the standard assessment procedure may be reported to the following address


The online assessment procedure includes the following steps:: 

1. Students enter their own account on one of the following pages  or with their identification data:
username: Last name.First name.StudentNumber
password: National Identification Number (Personal Numeric Code)
(Example: usenamer: Popescu.Elena123 password: 28910101010)

2. Students will view the contractual terms of the study contract.

3. On the right side of each discipline included in the study contract there are the following columns: "Course Evaluation" and " Seminar Evaluation”. Students will select the options "Course Questionnaire” and "Seminar Questionnaire”.

4. Students fill in the questionnaires for each course and seminar they attended according to the instructions specified in the application.

5. Students press "Send Questionnaire".

Beyond the deadline established for the evaluation period, the option for completing the questionnaires becomes inactive. The assessment application ensures the anonymity of the respondents as the identification data is not associated with a particular response. The evaluation results are available to the teacher in question and to the management of the faculty/university after the exam session. The analysis and interpretation of results will process only the feedback given by the students who participated in at least half the courses, thus eliminating the answers of those that had not attended enough classes in order to make an opinion on the dimensions of the teaching activity assessed by the questionnaire employed. For each assessed course the score is calculated for each of the questionnaire items and the average of the global items. The individual results sheet also contains the average obtained for the global items by all the faculty teachers evaluated so that each teacher can compare their results with the average obtained.