Quality Policies Library

Quality Policies Library

Through the POSDRU/18/1.2/G/5593 project "Quality assurance for the academic study programmes through human resource training and orientation towards the labour market" books and periodicals have been acquired on the theme of quality and competitiveness in higher education.


Publications can be consulted at:

Rectorat, Camera 103

Mihail Kogălniceanu Street, No. 1, 400084 Cluj-Napoca

Tel: +40 264 405300, Int. 5107.


 In the same project we’ve developed a database of materials on the university management, which contains over 2,000 references which are constantly updating. The access to the database is acquired by ID and password use. In order to obtain the ID and password, please contact the Centre for Quality Management.

Tel: +40 264 429788, Int. 6033.

E-mail: qa@staff.ubbcluj.ro

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Academic Library - ”Quality Assurance” Section

The Academic Library managed by the Centre for University Development and Quality Management has a ”Quality Assurance” section which offers access to the readers to printed and electronic publications on quality assurance in higher education topics.


Publications can be consulted at:

Center for University Development and Quality Management

Pandurilor Street, No. 7, Juventus Building, Room 6, Cluj-Napoca, 400376

Tel: +40 264 429788, Int. 6030.

E-mail: qa@ubbcluj.ro