center for university development and quality management

Quality Management

Through the involvement and continuous development of all those participating in the educational process, the internal organization of the university quality assurance process aims at establishing and meeting the performance criteria for the activities that cover the following three dimensions: teaching activities, scientific research and provision of services.

The activity of the centre consists of coordinating the quality programmes in the faculties together with their self evaluation, issuing the necessary documentation regarding the quality management, coordinating the students' courses evaluation, the peer evaluation of educational activities along with the necessary undertakings regarding the internal auditing at faculty level.

The Team

Conf. univ. dr. Markó Bálint - Vice-Rector for Quality Assurance

Prof. univ. dr. Dan Chiribucă - Head of Center for University Development and Quality Management

dr. Adriana Șerban - Expert


Center for University Development and Quality Management


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